Hi there! I'm Sam and I believe in taking photos that are more like memories. 

I look for the little moments in your big day, capturing all the warmth and magic the way you remember it. I have a full fledged love affair with film photography! I've been shooting film for almost a decade with the camera that my parents received as a wedding present 30 years ago. It helps me take photos that are candid and timeless.

I'm currently based in Seattle, WA and available across the Pacific Northwest (especially my hometown of Portland, OR!). And, as a graduate student, I have an incredibly flexible summer schedule. I would love to travel!

My photos have been published in Nylon Magazine, PopSugar, the Equals Record vol. 1, Pioneer Magazine, and a variety of websites. You can see more of my photos + thoughts on my personal blog Ashore. 

   e-mail me! SamanthaShorey (at) gmail.com