Cape Cod.

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

After a car accident and the loss of two custom pizzas about an hour after arriving on Cape Cod, I felt pretty certain our midweek getaway was ruined before it even began.  The tow-truck came and we headed back to the beach house; thankful for our health, heavy-hearted and hungry.

The next morning we all made unpleasant phone calls and spent some time crying in a diner (okay .... so maybe that was just me). And then, when we'd done all that we could do, we finally headed down to the beach. Saltwater is a powerful thing, and so is the company of good friends. We shared dark & stormys and few dark laughs, reclaiming a little of the lightness we'd been seeking for our 48 hours by the ocean.

lesson learned: never underestimate the tenacity of Massachusetts natives and their unflinching dedication to summer.